Crack Your Next Coding Interview!

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Hi, I am Rodrigo, a software engineer. Crack Your Next Coding Interview is a short guide to assist students who might have never been to a technical interview or simply want more information about it.

Origins of Content

Most of the content is based on my own personal experience with employers and technical interviews, while some parts are based on the book “Cracking the Coding Interview” by Gayle McDowell.


There is no universal or perfect answer to what to do or say in each interview, but there is certainly a pattern in the way interviews for technical jobs are done, so it can be studied. Also, I am endorsing the book out of my own interest. I am not related to the book author in any way other than as a reader and fan.

Content in a glimpse

The Interview Process
What to expect
How to prepare
Before the Interview
Setting the stage for a great interview
Technical Questions
Telling a story through code
Behavioural Questions
How to smile right
The Offer and Beyond
Top-down selling
There is always more money on the table

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