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I may not know how to design a great website, but I can definitely design mobile apps.

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Who is this for?

Non-technical entrepreneurs and professionals interested in learning more about mobile app development.
For entrepreneurs, hiring a team of developers to build their app can be too expensive, so I can build your MVP.
For professionals, learning how to build mobile apps will increase their career options.

About me

What I stand for:
I believe that learning about the latest technologies can help non-technical leaders achieve their professional dreams.

What I do for a living:
I've been building apps since 2014. Initially, I got paid by winning prize money from competitions.
Eventually, I landed a job as an Android Software Engineer at ASI, a small consultancy in Ann Arbor, MI,
where I spent a year immersed in code, and hosted consulting events to over a hundred developers.
As of today, I am back to school pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science from Lawrence Tech University.

My mission

To help my community get started building mobile apps and help companies build better products.

My focus
  • Share my professional experience building mobile apps with Java, Kotlin and C#.
  • Show non-technical entrepreneurs how to get started in a highly technological market.
Contact me

Name: Rod Mesquita
Social Network: LinkedIn

What to bring to my consulting workshop

You can bring your Mac or Windows laptop if you want to get started coding or if you need help with building your app,
but if you just want to learn more, bring something to write on (if you want to take notes).
If you are just getting started, please have Android Studio downloaded in your computer.
I can help you set it up.


Ann Arbor & Southfield area (specific location will vary depending on demand)

Previous events

SpartaHack 2018
SpartaHack 2018
From left to right: Rod Mesquita, Arpan Rughani, Smriti Wadhwa, Aaron Crutchfield
In this event, I mentored Aaron and Smriti. They built an Android app leveraging Arpan's API
(from Intrepid Control Systems) to automate the doors of the Tesla Model X (shown in the picture)

App demo
Mobile Codelab
In this consulting event, I mentored Aaron Crutchfield as he worked on his Android app.

MLH Local Hack Day 2017
MLH Local Hack Day 2017
In this event, I hosted MLH's Local Hack Day: digital workshops and 12 hours of coding.

LTU Collaboratory 2014
LTU Collaboratory 2014
From left to right: Rod Mesquita, Jorge Chagas, Francis "Tex" Criqui
In this event, Jorge and I won the "Best Team Award" for building vopio, a language learning app.


I always welcome constructive feedback.
Please send it to the email above or even better: tell me in person :)


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